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Game presenting, statistical coverage

System registers actions and presents statistics in basketball game.

Basketball statistics software Collected data can be viewed as live score, as print-ready reports (PDF), can be printed on paper or can be exported to XML for later analysis.

Statistics can be uploaded to website where number of reports are available for analysis and where data can be stored. Even in case Internet access isn't available during the game.

The system is in English language. As additional feature, localization to your language is attainable also. European (international) and US versions of the system are available.

Bball statistics - more information

This system is used by:

  • International basketball league in Adria region (
  • Croatian Basketball Federation (
  • Leading basketball media in Southeast Europe (
  • Serbian portal (
  • ...

Statistics software for bball

Easy-to-use Windows PC application with advanced features

  • collecting actions at the game in real-time
  • full-time and halftime print-ready reports
  • statistics and play-by-play reports (PDF and XML)
  • live score on the website (live ticker)
  • automatic transfer of final stat to website (box score)
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Does not require high computer skills. We will set up the system completely in few days on our server or on yours.

Website with Basketball Statistics

League schedule, results, standings and statistic

  • schedule, results, standings and statistics for each game, player and team in the league
  • various queries on statistics (top teams, top players - MVP, scorers, rebounders...)
  • webpage for each basketball team with all data (statistics, roster, contact, photo...)
  • each player profile with statistics, career info, photo...
Basketball Standings Schedule Statistics Scores Results Basketball Team Webpage Basketball Player Webpage